A Beginner’s Guide to Using Hand-tied Extensions for the First Time

Wefts are a fantastic way to add length, bounce, volume, and color to your hair. They are also a fantastic option if you have thinning or damaged hair because they can be made with human hair, which blends well with your natural locks. They allow users to enjoy different looks daily, creating a quick way to change styles and overall appearance without treating their natural locks.

Among the latest variants to catch attention are the hand tied extensions, which are skillfully pre-cut and artfully sewn by hands, resulting in the smallest ever wefts. Anyone can use them to modify their appearance, ensuring they enjoy total value for their money.

Those with little to no comprehension of this product will find the following details about it helpful. It can assist folks in shopping for the most suitable ones for their specific hair needs.

Why use them?

If you are wondering why these styles are such a popular choice for women everywhere, rest assured that the reasons are plenty. For one, the thinness of the bands enables them to effortlessly lay flat against the head, covering a larger surface area than most other wigs.

Secondly, once installed, you can enjoy the extensions for a long time, revisiting the salon every couple of weeks to get them moved up as your natural locks grow. Lastly, you can integrate them excellently with your natural hair, making it impossible for people to know the difference.

What to know before purchasing them

It is vital to remember that these pieces are more natural than machine-made extensions, allowing you to draw accurate comparisons to make a sound decision. They also tend to be more flexible and can be styled and colored any way you like.

Invariably, they come in various chic styles, attractive colors, and varying lengths, and you can buy them depending on your preference. For example, if you have bleached blonde hair but want darker shades with red highlights, you can buy one piece and color it or buy two with one different shade each.

Schooling for aestheticians typically includes classes in skincare, makeup, waxing, and spa treatments, with hands-on training and certification upon completion.

Durability factor

How long these extensions last depends on how excellently you care for them. If you care for them diligently and use the right products to keep the wefts solid and healthy, they could last several months or longer.

It is best to select mild shampoos, conditioners, and other chemical-free hair care products to keep the extensions in good shape. Also, high-quality wigs made of human hair last much longer than synthetic ones, making them a prudent investment.

What to avoid doing

Avoiding hairspray and other products that are not specifically made for use with extensions is also a vital part of caring for extensions. It is also recommended that you avoid swimming with them as the chlorine and weight of the water might cause a pull on your scalp, leading to dryness, breakage, and other damage.

Buy them from a reliable vendor

Buying hand-tied extensions from a legitimate and respected vendor will ensure the quality of the product you need. You can check customer reviews on their website and look at pictures of other customers wearing the hair extensions they sell. Browsing product catalogs, price lists, and additional vital information are also helpful.

Note that reliable suppliers will provide high-quality, 100% Remy human hair wefts at affordable rates, enabling you to buy more than one item. Finally, they also offer discounts and color-matching services to make the process smoother for amateur buyers.

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