8 Free Useful Programs to Speed Up Your Computer

Sometimes even a new computer can start to lag and hang on a large amount of data on it. As well as people with a lot of work. To relax and get entertainment at home, visit live dealer casino online.

Below is a list of programs that cope with many tasks that are usually beyond the control of the user, due to their secrecy. Well, let’s get started!

Advanced SystemCare

A free program that copes with many small tasks: removes unnecessary files, detects malware, copes with system errors. Relevant even for the most “elderly” computers. If you want to optimize your hardware quickly and efficiently, you can use it. The photo shows the parameters by which it works.

Advanced SystemCare 7

The program is from the same family, has minor differences, but is still unique. One of the best optimization programs, a wide range and functionality of actions: from Internet acceleration to disk defragmentation, allow you to find the most inconspicuous errors in the system.

Wise Disk Cleaner

A program specializing in cleaning the hard disk (cleans cache, temporary files, defragments) from garbage. An important and pleasant nuance is that the program will not do anything without your knowledge, your permission will be required before any removal, which protects against accidental troubles.

Glary Utilities

The real Swiss knife in the field of optimization! This program performs a large number of functions (from cleaning the browser history, to encrypting files, backing them up and restoring them)


Quite well-known, but not to everyone, the functionality of this program is a classic in the field of removing unnecessary files. Cleans the cache, browser history, temporary and unnecessary files on the computer.


A program designed to improve the performance and speed up the computer. Competently and accurately regulates many important processes: power consumption and the operation of RAM.

GeForce Experience

GeForce Experience is an application for optimizing games on your device and for updating drivers.A very useful thing and at the same time free.


Torrent- I think many of you are familiar with this application.Thanks to this application, you can download any games and programs for free.You should find a normal site (I’ll leave a link) and download a torrent file on this site.

Rules for Taking Care of the Computer That It Does Not Lag

Rule #1: Disconnect the computer before connecting peripheral devices to it. It is better to connect a scanner, printer, monitor, modem, and various network adapters to a PC that is turned off. If the peripheral equipment connector requires additional fixation (equipped with special clips), it is necessary to check the connection density, and then turn on the computer. Exception: Devices that have a USB port can be connected when the PC is turned on.

Rule #2: Use stabilizing devices to avoid power surges and network interference. Connect the computer to the power supply through the mains filter. The ideal option is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with a voltage stabilization function, which will not only protect your computer from sudden overcurrent, but also give enough time to turn off the system in normal mode if the network is de–energized. Exception: When using a PC without UPS or stabilizer, place the mains filter away from other wires to avoid interference that may interfere with the operation of external devices.

Rule #3: Do not move the computer from place to place while it is switched on. This can lead to hard disk failures and data loss, which will be difficult to recover even with the help of specialists.

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