7 Must-Have Features to Include in Your Toronto Custom Home’s Design

Having a fully custom-built home is a dream for many. Toronto residents are especially keen to have a unique, and eye-catching home. To perfect your custom home’s design, however, you need to have the right add-ons and features. With this in mind, here are the seven must-have features to include in your Toronto custom home’s design in 2023:

1. Going Green

Toronto is giving massive tax breaks and incentives to homeowners who go green with their building setups, and home layouts. This, mixed with the amount of money you can save by going green with your design, makes the choice an absolute no-brainer. If you want to save tons on your energy bills every month and make the world a more sustainable place for your children (who might even take over your home in the future), you need to talk to your Toronto custom home builder about the green options that will best fit your specific tastes and needs.

2. Wide-and-Tall Windows

Toronto, while often cold, is known for having sunny weather. Since it’s so far up north, the sun simply acts differently. If you want to take advantage of this cozy Toronto climate, you need to add wide, tall, and beautiful windows to your custom home. Especially in living spaces on the first floor, wide and tall windows can do wonders for lighting up a space with warm, natural lighting. If you are going green with your building efforts, be sure to opt for more modern, and energy-efficient windows. Doing so will help you keep your home beautiful without making your energy prices soar.

3. Unique Stairways

For people that build custom homes, having unique design choices prominently featured on every floor (and in every room), is typically a must-have feature. To make the journey between floors scream you, consider sitting down with your custom home builder and theorizing a unique stairway design. There are plenty of amazing one-of-a-kind stairway designs out there to draw inspiration from, so the journey toward finding the right unique stairway design for your home should prove to be an absolute blast.

4. LED Lighting

The vast majority of modern homes are now opting for LED lighting. Not only are LEDs more energy efficient, but they are much more versatile than their counterparts. You can even have LED systems installed that allows you to change the color, intensity, warmth, and style of the lighting. This will unlock your ability to make every space in your home that much more cozy, as you can change the mood of a room’s lighting with the touch of a button. While the change may seem drastic at first, you’ll soon fall head over heels for LED lighting’s whimsical nature and robust capabilities.

5. A Beautiful Deck or Patio

Toronto homeowners love the warm months. While they may be short, they are some of the most beautiful months you could ever hope to experience in the Northern Hemisphere. Even during cold months, a solid deck or patio setup can serve you well. Adding a hot tub, hosting tables, and other nifty add-ons to your deck or patio will make the addition that much more value-packed. Many modern home builders assume that homeowners will want a patio or deck, so you should expect to be asked about the potential add-on by your custom home builder. By having an answer ready, and preparing any questions that you might have, you can expedite the building and design process.

6. Kitchen Island

If you want a modern, sleek, and easy-to-use kitchen space, you must have a kitchen island installed. These centralized island setups allow you to have much more room for hosting, cooking, and general activities. Additionally, you can store all of your appliances, sinks, and more within this centralized space with ease. The sheer beauty a quality kitchen island can add to a modern home’s kitchen is hard to overstate, so many custom home builders will be thrilled to learn that you want one included in your custom home’s design.

7. Mud Room

For those who love to spend most of their time at home outdoors, installing a mud room into the design of their custom home is crucial. Not only is there an inherent charm to a well-designed mud room, but the space allows you to come in from a fun outdoor session without needing to strip off boots or dirty clothes in the cold Toronto climate. Instead, you can begin getting nice and toasty inside as you strip away your dirty clothes, and start a load of laundry. With a mud room added to your custom home, you’ll be that much more excited to embark on daily outdoor adventures.

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